My Work

Here are a few of self-initiated projects I've made in the past few months. I'm now seeking and opened to any job or project which requires my skills set, the number of projects I've participated to is a bit limited for the moment.

my Skills

About Me

Hi there! my name is BAHATI TADJUIDJE BONIFACE. I'm 21 years old and I am new in the industry. I'm new! I code and program for almost three years now and IT IS A TRUE PASSION! I just love it! So if you're looking for a true passionate, devoted, curious, self-teaching, responsible person who loves to resolve problems and learn new things, I'm your man!

Despite the fact that I'm coding for a little less than two years, my knowledge is already way sufficiant to get a job in many domains. I've have been working at a Chinese base Start-Up TrophyFabricator where I developed skills and understanding 3d design and printing. I've have been buit and maintained Customcool I built and developed a online printing store using , I learn alot from this expereince.For Now, I'm fully confortable with most of the tools used in the industry and I'm seeking to learn React and Angular frameworks soon.


So, it's a no-brainer! You have the opportunity to hire someone who, despite his young experience, will be able to please your expectations and, with time, will even overpass them! Someone who's passionate about a whole variety of domains including photography, video, visual arts, music, cinema and who is continually seeking to learn more on everything!